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Blue Mounds Art Explosion

Art Night Information and Schedule 2022/23

Not open to the public/customers - private events

Wednesday 6-9pm - Dates and themes below


Jan 4 -

Jan 11 -

Jan18 -

- I want to put together some Guerrilla art project for the upcoming scandihoovian fest in Mt Horeb.  I have ideas!  Barb, I am borrowing your new trailer, maybe

Ideas for upcoming art nights

 - Some sort of Art Explosion idea/display for the Scandihoovian fest, like little Nisse or Tomte made of plywood on the parade float trailer mooning everyone, with Blue Mounds art explosion written on their butts!  OR on their viking shields, more family friendly...

 - Pendants - we had a pretty good evening with soldering shells and glass last year

  - Glass fusing

  - Wood Carving, spoon making - This might be a great outdoor spring one

  - Pottery - sculpting, PLUS we have a wheel.

  - Silkscreening - multiweek process, we can figure it out

  - Epoxy frames with shells and stuff - or magnets or wall art

  - Leather Crafts -

  - Rosemailing - makes me think of chainmaille, which we also like

  - Quilling and Batik, was on the list, I do not know what this is  Maybe this was supposed to be quilting?

  - Paper Crafts - Cardmaking - have done some paper making supplies too

  - Card making - some people have the stuff for this

  - Weaving - We might have to have a few loom fixing nights to get this one up

  - Iron Pour/ Iron Casting Molds

  - Flag making

  - in the past we did some parade floats and event displays, maybe some more of those.

  - we talked about an little art show in blue mounds for the club, lets talk about that again too.  Maybe a Blue Mounds Art Explosion tent at the Mount Horeb fairs?  Chalk festival/color run?

Past Art nights

December - 7th Art Night Achieved!  Much crafting - Barb, Darci, Karla, Marcia. Dec 14 - Good Art night, Dec 21 - Ornament art night, copper and woodburning - Dec 28th, no art night

Nov 30th - Art Night reopens - Barb was stenciling, Karla was quilting, Marcia and George were assaying an old marble collection.

Warning/guarantee - Blue Mounds Art Explosion is everywhere.

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