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One Guy, glass art, and one of a kind items, for longer that the internet has even been around.

1992 - Began street vending in Madison Wisconsin

1994 - Rented a workshop space in Madison. Made it Official

1994 - Opened a stained glass supply shop and custom stained glass studio.

1998 - Built studio in Blue Mounds Wi

2000 - Closed Madison Store and moved Blue Mounds Studio.

2001 -2020   - 20 years of work, art, production, frustration, discovery, fun.

Established 1994

George's glass marbles are featured in books, and museums throughout the world.

As a child I was always interested in glass,  there were probably a bunch or weird reasons, who knows.   Kids like things for reasons we cannot always fathom, even if those kids were us. 

I remember melting those little glass tubes and rods you would get in the toy chemistry sets.  They gave you a little alcohol burner, and if you were patient enough, you could melt that glass.  I bent those tubes and made little shapes until those pieces were gone.  I made my parents order more from the company that made the chemistry set. 

The time you had to wait for orders through the mail back then was ridiculous, several months would not be unexpected.  The fact that they put those reorder forms in with the toy was just cruel to us poor kids, if they really wanted to make money on that, they should have turned those orders around fast, while we were all still interested.  The era of drunk old guys in a room saying, what can we sell these kids, I suppose.  Anyway, by the time those ever arrived, if they ever did, I had moved on from the chemistry set. I did always seem to find my way to sculpting stuff, in retrospect usually hinging upon a change of state, melting solids, drying liquids, burning or melting things.


Any time I came across a glass blower, Henry Ford village, Cedar Point old timey land, Colonial Williamsburg,  I would watch those glass blowers until my family dragged me away.  Sometimes I would even convince them to meet me back there later,  I would go back immediately to watch for the whole time.

As far as I knew, normal people could never do such things in real life, art, glassblowing etc.  I guess I semi figured it out eventually. More later, kind of blabbed here to get better search engine finds.  If you read this, Thanks!  I could go on and on

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