Studio Events!

Glass Working Demonstrations - Making a marble - Wednesday evenings 6-7pm

On Facebook Live, then available from the Pavliscak Studios FB Group

Madison Farmers Market

2020 Cancelled, hard to know if it will ever be the same again

If or When the Market once again opens....

In the Same spot at the top of State Street - George's 29th Year at the Market!

Marble Meditation

15th Annual

September 27th, 2020

Relaxing you with

     Glass working demonstrations

 Live music

Great food

Thanks to all our GREAT Customers, see you next year

and hopefully at the markets and shows

Marble Crazy 2021

Will there be another Marble Crazy?

Marble Crazy is over for 2020 - it was right as the world went crazy.  It seems like we will never get to do something like that again, but can't wait for next year!

Fingers Crossed

2 fun days of glass marbles being made and sold by 28 amazing glass artists from around the country.

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