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George -

Call or Text 608 332-9875

Texting is best, getting too many robocalls to answer new phonecalls

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Studio Events!

Glass Working Demonstrations - Making a marble - Wednesday evenings 6-7pm

Text George to confirm, or Click ---->


Other Stuff in the Studio This week - Piano Deconstruction/creation.

Tall Wood Office Dividers for the upstairs studio office

Spring cleaning - sale items

Marble Crazy 2020 in The Kansas City Area

Friday March 6th 10-7

Saturday March 7th 10-5

2 fun days of glass marbles being made and sold by 28 amazing glass artists from around the country.  Yes!  They let me in too!

Madison Farmer Market

Saturdays in 2020 - The Excitement Begin anew in April

Farmers Market continues through October

Feuturing George Pavliscak, plus some other stuff, maybe.  Bring a bag I guess!

In the Same spot at the top of State Street - My 27th Year at the Market!

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